Shall we begin ?

Merci n.m : terme de politesse dont on use pour remercier (accompagné parfois de grand, mille). Larousse 

We always need to start somewhere but I’m not always following the right order. So I decide to start by the end.


And I also had to write my very first article. So if you’re actually reading it, it means I’ve managed to kick the ass of my imposter syndrome. Lucky me. Lucky you. I guess.

So. Internet is full of racists, anti-abortion dickeads and bad people who are freely expressing themselves, so I feel quite legitimate to open this space (mine but also yours) and also express myself. Since I’m quite a kind person. Or at least I hope so.

As far I know, I’ve always had a blog on very different channels. I’ve never deleted them since I’m still enjoying sharing some “quality” times with the old me, her shitty tastes regarding the clothes she wore and the songs she listened. But I regret nothing. I’m not a developper and this website is almost finished but I’m sure you’ve spotted some design points will be change and optimize. I did this website by myself and I didn’t know a fckng word about CSS, PHP and that kind of stuff. So please: be kind and patient. Or a baby polar bear will die under mysterious circumstances: hit by a cyclist riding a Bianchi bicyclette.

We’re learning every damn day and I’m pretty sure Peter Sagan used training wheels too. In fact I’m not so sure. Bref.

So what about the concept of mercivelo ?

Just to say thank you.

Thank you life and all the things that have been happening (and still are) to me, whether they are good or bad.

It’s my way to share with you moments of my life, people that inspire me and especially people who are also cyclist. Yes dudes, the name of this website/blog is mercivelo so I hope you’re not expecting to read stuff about makeup, hunting and curling. Or you’re definitively lost and you will be disappointed.

Since I’m following people on the social media that are not French, and as I’m quite speaking and writing la langue de Shakespeare not too bad (for a French I mean ), I’ve thought it’s quite a lovely idea to translate it in English. It’s also my way to create (I hope) exchange and help people to share, wherever they are.

So sori for my angliche dazunt pliz iou if sinece I may que mistake.

Bref en deux mots: be kind to yourself and the others. In any case we’re all dying alone so if we can make the world and people life better (except racists’ one), that’s cool. And we’ll finally make something that matters.

So merci.

Au revoir et à bientôt.