Selection of FCKNG Expensive Jerseys I surely Need

If you’re riding your bicyclette every week-end and try be as classy as possible, you might already know that cycling gear and clothes are… quite expensive.

By expensive, I mean we all have our own budget and resources but for my own example, I’ll say a jersey that costs more than 100€. Since I’m quite an old lady, I knew the French franc and buying a jersey that costs me around 600/700 fr is over my budget. But hopefully my little business will grow and one day, I’ll have a wardrobe full of these nice jerseys.

And since I’ve put all the money I’ve been saving to buy my wonderful Bianchi Infinito CV Disc, I can’t for now afford buying expensive jersey. But I’m waiting for the sales with enthusiasm. Yes: I’m actually buying more bike gear and clothes than daily ones. And though they’re pretty comfortable, I can’t go for a meeting wearing my bib shorts.

Hopefully I still have my jerseys VOID, and they’re still in a good shape. Despite my drool, my sweat, my butt and my boobs. So thank you jerseys!

But here is my selection (I guess the first part since I’ve many brands I’d like to share with you) of nice jerseys of brands from all around the world I like. And want.

How did I select the brands and jerseys of this selection?

YOLO! Nope I’ve picked them because they’re all selling nice women jerseys that are not only pink or with flowers. Because some of them are not well-known (except for Attaquer but I like the brand and its designs) and I didn’t want to share with you some famous ones like VOID, Pas Normal Studio, Rapha, that are still pretty cool but known by a lot of you. If you own stuff from these brands, feel free to share in comments below. I’d like to hear from you and their quality. Before spending 100€ on shitty stuff.

Attaquer & Ostroy NYC Jerseys

May the ODD 3 be Always with You

A New 100% Women Cycling Brand: Veloine

Stay Classy and Be a Unicorn with BBUC Jerseys (disco approved)

Peppermint: women cycling tie & dye from Canada

German harmony: BIEHLER

Merci. A bientôt.